Water is perhaps the most important utility we pay for and receive in our homes. You drink water every day, and likely use it in cooking as well. With water being so important in our day to day lives, it is extremely important for it to be clean and pure. Thankfully, the water we receive from our taps is always clean, right? Well, not quite.

While nearly all U.S. municipalities meet water quality and safety standards set by the federal government, many of them only meet the bare minimum in what is required. Also, tests for water quality are typically only conducted at treatment plants. On the long journey from the plant to your home, there are many opportunities for pollutants to leak in.

So what kind of pollutants may be in your water right now? It turns out there are quite a few. Iron stains and iron bacteria are a common one. If your water contains a certain amount of iron, it can leave stains in your plumbing fixtures or clothing. It can also attract certain bacteria, which can create a slime that could potentially clog up your plumbing. Sulfur is another potential pollutant that causes a “rotten egg” smell. This can also negatively affect the taste of your water. There are many other sediments, bacteria, and viruses that can enter your water supply as well.

If you have dealt with any of these pollutants before, it may be time to consider installing a water purifier in Kyle, TX. A purifier will remove impurities from your water, giving you safe and delicious drinking water straight from the tap. A water purifier in Kyle, TX will ensure you and your family can enjoy a high standard of drinking water in your home.

If you are interested in enjoying safe and clean drinking water, give Hill Country Water Systems a call! We will gladly come out to your home or business and install a water purifier in Kyle, TX. Our American made products are all built to last and are just what you need to clean up your water. So give us a call today and let’s talk about how a water purifier in Kyle, TX can help you.