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Is Your Tap Water Safe?

Whether your water comes from a private well or from your local municipality, there are many contaminants that plague our water. Here are some of the contaminants that may currently be in your home or office. Don’t settle for dirty water, call Hill Country Water Systems today!

Is your tap water safe to drink?

Well, nearly all U.S. municipalities meet water quality and safety standards set by the federal government. However, these primary drinking water standards represent only minimum requirements. While tests to verify compliance are conducted at the treatment plants, pollutants may enter tap water as it courses through the miles of pipe on its way to your home. Then there is the question of taste. Just because the tap water is safe to drink, doesn’t mean it tastes good or looks fresh. Only high-quality filtration ensures delicious water for both drinking and cooking.

Turbidity (Dirt/Sediments)

Turbidity is the cloudiness of water, usually caused by particles floating or dissolved in water that scatter light making the water appear cloudy or murky. This can come from clay and silt, fine organic and inorganic matter, soluble colored organic compounds, algae, or other microscopic organisms.

Iron Stains and Iron Bacteria

If water contains 0.3 parts per million (ppm) of iron or 0.05 ppm of manganese, it will begin to leave stains on plumbing fixtures as well as appliances and clothing. Certain bacteria are known to feed off these two metals and form a slime that is capable of clogging toilet tanks and water systems

Low pH (Corrosive Water)

Water with a low pH or low Total Dissolved Solids is corrosive, can cause leaching and create pinhole leaks in plumbing. This can allow copper and sometimes lead to the plumbing, which creates blue-green stains around your tub and sink as well as a metallic taste.


Lead is a metal found naturally on the earth’s surface. Lead can appear in plumbed water if any of the pipes containing lead begin to corrode or when any physical disturbances in the water line occur. Lead is a dangerous neurotoxin that affects mental and physical development, especially in children. Lead can cause irreversible damage on nearly every system in the body.

Bacteria and Viruses

Bacteria such as Coliform bacteria, fecal bacteria, E. coli bacteria as well as Viral microorganisms come from local runoff, septic systems, animals and poor well/spring construction. The most common ways to treat these bacteria in our water sources include Shock Chlorination, Ultra Violet Technology (UV), Ozone, Chlorine and Chloramine.


Sulfur in water (Hydrogen Sulfide gas) causes the “rotten-egg” smell that comes from the decay of plant material in groundwater and reservoirs. In high concentrations, it can change the taste of the water.

This means you must either

  • Buy specially filtered bottled water. This cost option requires transporting bottles or scheduled delivery.
  • Attach a filter to your faucet. While this will rid water of many of the contaminants, it may not be able to handle them all.
  • Install a home water treatment system under your sink. This option delivers the purity of bottled water with a greater convenience than a faucet mounted system.

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The Solution

With reverse osmosis drinking water systems, great tasting water is now as close as your kitchen tap. So is your peace of mind knowing that you’re providing your family with the best quality water right at home for drinking, cooking, ice and coffee making, baby formula, pet feeding, dietary / medical uses, and precious plant watering.

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