Now, more than ever, it’s imperative that your business provide safe, consumable water for your customers. While it’s definitely a necessity, it can also be pricey. BUT! Did you know that there’s a system that you can have installed that will not only save you money but provide your customers with pure, quality drinking water? It’s a Reverse Osmosis System, and it uses the same process that bottled water companies use to filter their water.

But what if my business has a water softener?

It’s incredibly important that business owners know that a water softener and reverse osmosis system are two different systems. A water softener will alleviate hard water issues however, it does not purify your water – which means it is not adequate for consumption. 

A reverse osmosis system is the only system that will remove impurities, certain minerals, and bacteria from your water making it safe to consume. 

So, what types of businesses can directly benefit from a reverse osmosis system?

There are actually quite a few, but today, we’re going to mention the top four.

The first business that could benefit from a reverse osmosis system is Car Washes. While a water softener does help protect your vehicle’s paint job, it doesn’t always protect against spots.

Reverse osmosis systems remove the minerals that leave spots behind so when your car dries, it’s clean and spot-free!

The second business that could benefit from this system is Grocery Stores.

What’s the best way to ensure that pure, clean water is what’s being used to keep vegetables fresh? A reverse osmosis system. Pesticides and different types of bacteria are problematic, so it’s imperative that vegetables be decontaminated with water that has been decontaminated itself – something only a reverse osmosis system can do.

Another business that could produce great products with a reverse osmosis system is Coffee Shops.

Reverse osmosis systems will not only brew coffee with pure, clean, tasty water but will also save money on coffee maker maintenance as unfiltered water can take a toll on the equipment.

Restaurants are another business that could benefit from a reverse osmosis system.

From drinking water to water used for cooking, a reverse osmosis system helps ensure that your business is serving top quality food and drinks at all times.

Additionally, a reverse osmosis system can help restaurants save money by reducing the need for bottled water and smaller filtration systems. 

If your business is in need of pure, clean water, contact us today for a free water test and quote!