Having access to clean water is extremely important, especially when it’s coming from your own source. While it may not be considered an actual appliance, your well still needs regular maintenance to ensure it’s pumping adequate water into your home. But what does well-water maintenance entail?

The first step in well-water maintenance is a free water analysis. We do a complete assessment and diagnostics to determine the quality of your water as well as what is causing the lack of pressure. From incrustation from mineral deposits to pump damage, there are numerous issues that your well could be suffering from. While a water analysis can determine the source of the problem, there are a few useful items that can help your water treatment technician determine the best source of action. 

Those items are: 

  • Water well completion report or log (if you have it) which should include information such as water well depth, date drilled, construction (including casing specifications, grouting and screen), and water well yield or flow rate in gallons per minute (gpm)

  • Water quality test reports

  • Past inspection reports

  • Invoices from work done by water well contractors (including pump replacement)

  • Water treatment equipment warranties, invoices, and manuals

Once the problem is determined, we choose from a variety of equipment to fix it. This equipment includes:

  • Water Softener

  • RO System  

  • Sediment filter 

  • Iron filter

  • PH filter

  • UV Light system

  • Chlorination

  • Carbon filter

Now that you know what the procedures are to determine the problems and fix them, how often should you have your well serviced?

Your well-water should be tested at least once a year for bacteria and every five years for chemicals. If there is a change in color, odor, or taste, it should be tested immediately. These tests will determine if your well is operating properly or if there are some issues that need to be resolved. Once your well has been tested and/or serviced, it’s important to either keep or update your maintenance log.

At Hill Country Water Systems, we offer all of the required tests and affordable water treatment services for your well. Contact us today to schedule a free water analysis!