Are you ready for the holidays? While there are many preparations to get done when it comes to Christmas, sometimes the quality of our water gets overlooked. It may not seem important, but our water can affect our cooking, the cleanliness of our home, and even the health of ourselves and our family! When it comes to preparing for the holidays, make sure water repair is on your list.

If your water filtration systems are faulty, then you risk your water being contaminated with potentially harmful minerals and even microorganisms. The most common problem with our water in the New Braunfels area is “hard water”, or water that has high concentrations of calcium and magnesium. While not particularly harmful to your health, it causes that limestone build-up near your sink and can clog up your drain and pipes over time. And then there are the ACTUAL harmful minerals such as lead, which can deal damage to physical and mental development over time, especially in children! There are a host of other reasons as well, and it’s why you should put water repair on your holiday to-do list.

Hill Country Water is dedicated to making sure you cleanest water possible. Whether you need water repair in New Braunfels for pre-existing equipment, or you’re just in need of a completely new water filtration system, Hill Country Water Systems has you covered! We’ll even install it right in your home for you! We’re also more than happy to perform our own water test to see if your water is contaminated, free of charge!

So if you’re in need of water repair in New Braunfels then contact the professionals at Hill Country Water Systems! We never cut corners when it comes to the quality of our service, and we’re passionate about making sure you have the cleanest, purest water in your homes!